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Chappell Advised World Cricket Community Not To Isolate Pak

Former Australian Legendary Greg Chappell recently commented on Pakistan Cricket. The issue was the refusal of international cricket teams to tour Pakistan for Test or ODI series for security reasons. Terrorist activities are very severe in Pakistan Since January 2008 and there are some political tensions as well. Greg Chappell had said that the world cricket community should take some steps forward to prevent Pakistan going into international isolation. Chappell added that he had sympathy for Pakistan but also added that teams like Australia and New Zealand have realistic fear about touring to Pakistan. Chappell also suggested that Pakistan should organize matches on neutral venues like Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

Former Australian Legend Greg Chappell recently made a statement on Pakistan Cricket. The issue was the refusal of international cricket teams to tour Pakistan for Test or ODI series for security reasons. Chappell was in favor of Australian team’s decision of not to tour Pakistan to play in the ICC Champions Trophy this year. Chappell also added that Pakistan had to take serious steps to save the cricket in Pakistan. Blasts can happen anywhere in the world but Pakistan had some serious problems from the start of this year. There is a sudden increase in terrorist activities since January 2008 and there are many problems at the political level also. According to Chappell, Pakistan is a dangerous place to visit for cricket teams.

Pakistan Cricket had a disastrous nine months in 2008. Top teams like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, England and West Indies have refused to tour Pakistan for security reasons. Australia refused to tour Pakistan earlier this year for a series scheduled by ICC due to several bomb blasts. And due to this Pakistan hadn’t played a single test match in 2008! The biggest blow for Pakistan came when ICC was forced to postpone the ICC Champions Trophy till the next October as five of the eight teams had refused to tour Pakistan after severe bomb blasts in Pakistan.

Greg Chappell has added that he had a lot of sympathy for Pakistan he also felt that teams like Australia and New Zealand have realistic reasons to fear to traveling to Pakistan. He mentioned that when New Zealand last toured Pakistan, there was a huge bomb blast in Karachi. The players saw several human bodies around them and they were really scared.

Greg Chappell has said that the world cricket community will have to take serious steps to prevent Pakistan going into international isolation. Chappell was in favor of Australian team’s decision of not to tour Pakistan to play in the ICC Champions Trophy this year. Chappell also had some suggestions for Pakistan Cricket. He added that Pakistan should organize matches on neutral venues like Sharjah and Abu Dhabi till the political chaos and the terrorist activities reduced in Pakistan.

Sports Communities, Sports Networks and More

Allies of the sport
Over years, as the internet became more easily accessible to everyone across the world, several closely knit communities grew across spaces, where likeminded people with similar passions got together to form online communities where they could discuss and share their interests. In a world of such diversity, the internet helped such people to find one another and form their online groups and give expression to their interests. A Sports community is one such exclusive clique of Sports fans, lovers of the sport, ex Sportsers and others who share a passion for the game.

Like other social networking sites, a Sports community is a platform for the lovers of the sport - fans, players etc. Like any other social networking site, this is a feature which talks Sports, breathes Sports and lives Sports. Most Sports communities, hosted by popular Sports websites are complete. Complete in the sense that they chart the history of the sport, its unforgettable moments, its ups and downs, and all the latest in the sport - match updates, highlights and latest scores. The community also enables discussions and responses on all these fronts.

Sports communities are online equivalents of a daily market in a busy metro. They are always buzzing with activity - New goods every day, new topics of discussion, new controversies, new records, new matches - and there is never a dull moment.
Many Sports websites are also Sports social networks in their own right. And they make things simpler for users as they can now find everything on the same website. These sites offer users a wide scope to make new friends, share opinions across the world, and with a few strategic plans and hard work, an opportunity to bring about some concrete changes as well.

Some well organised popular Sports communities have gone much beyond simply debates and arguments. Some have succeeded in changing the local Sports scene in a particular area and some have gotten together for mock Sports matches or workshops to raise money for specific events some related to the sport or other causes.
Today, thanks to their popularity, many of these communities have received an independent, commercial status and are playing an active part in sustaining an interest in the sport.

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Sports Community

Sports chat rooms or Sports blogs, these are indeed great medium of interaction among lover of Sports, but the charm of Sports community is completely different. Once you are into a Sports community, interaction with fellow members of the community becomes easier and it helps you to grow faster with your knowledge on Sports. You need not have to restrict the community only to Sports only but gradually you can develop your community to a Sports social network also through which you can participate in various social activism also.

Sports Community  is offering you a unique opportunity to be a part of our Sports community. Mainly youngsters, with excellent knowledge over the game, are art of our community. Sports is such a game that brings people closer to each other irrespective of cast, creed, religion and sex. Members of our community are not only updated about the match but also about global scenario of Sports they have comprehensive idea.

Your interaction with them you will surely enjoy and at the same time they will contribute to a great extent in your knowledge and understanding of the game. Sharing of knowledge is complete a vise versa process, thus you will also benefit the community and its individual members with your analytical power and unique approach towards an incident. At the same time, our Sports community is not only limited to Sports but also we also organize Sports social networking. This networking helps you to reach more people and help you to share your ideas on a wider plane.

Sports community was initiated with the intention to promote Sports in a better way. To be a part of it, you need to create your personal profile and keep interacting with other members. We provide you all recent articles on Sports and at the same time you also have complete freedom to share your ideas and opinion with other members. If you are giving us some suggestions to develop our Sports community and Sports social network in a better way, your suggestion will be considered most gracefully.

Sports360 offers you free registration to the Sports community. Register as quickly as you can and enjoy the opportunity to build up your own community. Keep posting new articles on Sports and its current scenario, get to know more people, make new friends and reach as many people as you can through the Sports social networking.

Sports Community: A Community Transcending Boundaries to Create a Social Network

As a matter of fact owing to the advent of the Sports community many a networks among the families has been rekindled, whose tracks were lost on account of continental migrations.

 If there is one example of the manner in which a Sports community can underline its presence it was associated with the Hindi film Lagaan, when it was nominated for Oscars. The opinions and the discussions that were generated in the cyber space contributed in their own manner about creating awareness about the winnable quotient of the film Lagaan. The binding element for a Sports community is a cause or an idea that has to be propagated or a view that is to be generated against any perceived injustice. The Sports social network has also emerged as a viable platform to expound the views and ideas about a Sportsing event.

A live example and very potent one at that that emanated after the advent of Sports community and creation of a Sports social network was that associated with the episode involving Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds. The debate that generated in the cyber space on account of creation of the Sports social network, forced the International Sports Council to come out of its time warp and take a decision that may not smack of any racial prejudices for once. It was in fact the turning point in the manner in which the business of Sports is conducted in the international arena, and the Sports social network has a large part of accolade to claim for itself.

Another example of the outreach of the Sports community through its Sports social network is in the manner it forced Adam Gilchrist to change its views about Sachin Tendulkar in his yet to be released autobiography. Adam Gilchrist had to change his comments and views about integrity and commitment of Sachin Tendulkar towards the cause of Sports.

Sports community has also been instrumental through its Sports social network to spread the cause of Sports to countries where Sports was not played till recently. USA is a recent example where the experts from India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries have created awareness about Sports in such a manner that now the youngsters of the USA are playing it as well.

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