Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sports Community: A Community Transcending Boundaries to Create a Social Network

As a matter of fact owing to the advent of the Sports community many a networks among the families has been rekindled, whose tracks were lost on account of continental migrations.

 If there is one example of the manner in which a Sports community can underline its presence it was associated with the Hindi film Lagaan, when it was nominated for Oscars. The opinions and the discussions that were generated in the cyber space contributed in their own manner about creating awareness about the winnable quotient of the film Lagaan. The binding element for a Sports community is a cause or an idea that has to be propagated or a view that is to be generated against any perceived injustice. The Sports social network has also emerged as a viable platform to expound the views and ideas about a Sportsing event.

A live example and very potent one at that that emanated after the advent of Sports community and creation of a Sports social network was that associated with the episode involving Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds. The debate that generated in the cyber space on account of creation of the Sports social network, forced the International Sports Council to come out of its time warp and take a decision that may not smack of any racial prejudices for once. It was in fact the turning point in the manner in which the business of Sports is conducted in the international arena, and the Sports social network has a large part of accolade to claim for itself.

Another example of the outreach of the Sports community through its Sports social network is in the manner it forced Adam Gilchrist to change its views about Sachin Tendulkar in his yet to be released autobiography. Adam Gilchrist had to change his comments and views about integrity and commitment of Sachin Tendulkar towards the cause of Sports.

Sports community has also been instrumental through its Sports social network to spread the cause of Sports to countries where Sports was not played till recently. USA is a recent example where the experts from India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries have created awareness about Sports in such a manner that now the youngsters of the USA are playing it as well.

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