Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sports Communities, Sports Networks and More

Allies of the sport
Over years, as the internet became more easily accessible to everyone across the world, several closely knit communities grew across spaces, where likeminded people with similar passions got together to form online communities where they could discuss and share their interests. In a world of such diversity, the internet helped such people to find one another and form their online groups and give expression to their interests. A Sports community is one such exclusive clique of Sports fans, lovers of the sport, ex Sportsers and others who share a passion for the game.

Like other social networking sites, a Sports community is a platform for the lovers of the sport - fans, players etc. Like any other social networking site, this is a feature which talks Sports, breathes Sports and lives Sports. Most Sports communities, hosted by popular Sports websites are complete. Complete in the sense that they chart the history of the sport, its unforgettable moments, its ups and downs, and all the latest in the sport - match updates, highlights and latest scores. The community also enables discussions and responses on all these fronts.

Sports communities are online equivalents of a daily market in a busy metro. They are always buzzing with activity - New goods every day, new topics of discussion, new controversies, new records, new matches - and there is never a dull moment.
Many Sports websites are also Sports social networks in their own right. And they make things simpler for users as they can now find everything on the same website. These sites offer users a wide scope to make new friends, share opinions across the world, and with a few strategic plans and hard work, an opportunity to bring about some concrete changes as well.

Some well organised popular Sports communities have gone much beyond simply debates and arguments. Some have succeeded in changing the local Sports scene in a particular area and some have gotten together for mock Sports matches or workshops to raise money for specific events some related to the sport or other causes.
Today, thanks to their popularity, many of these communities have received an independent, commercial status and are playing an active part in sustaining an interest in the sport.

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